US Air Force Air Power Yearbook 2018

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The third edition of the US Air Force Air Power Yearbook comes at a time when readiness is at the forefront of the concerns for USAF leaders. It’s a word that has many influencing factors, not least manpower — the USAF says it is short by nearly 2,000 pilots — hardware, funding, the list goes on.
One of the ways the USAF is looking to retain and ‘absorb’ more pilots is through OA-X or light attack. This could see the USAF at long last buying a fleet of low-cost, light attack aircraft to operate in low threat environments in support of ground forces in the close air support role.
In this 100-page 2018 yearbook we also feature the B-1B Lancers of Ellsworth AFB, the ‘High Rollers’ of the Nevada Air National Guard and their C-130 mountain flying training school, a look at USAF contracted Red Air plans, plus the F-35A Lightning’s global presence — all of this plus a full rundown of all USAF aircraft types and units.


Special magazine, 100 Pages


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