RAF Aircraft in the Cold War

RAF Aircraft in the Cold War

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1970-1990, Air-to-Air Images
A unique illustrated look at the Cold War planes of the RAF as seen from the cockpit.

The Cold War saw the once-allies of World War II pitted against each other in a power play that was to last more than three decades. This striking collection of 110 air-to-air photographs looks at the large variety of RAF aircraft involved in the conflict including Lightning, Tornado GR1 and Jaguar.

About the Author:
Tony Paxton joined the RAF in 1968 and enjoyed a career as a fighter and bomber pilot. During his training he flew Jet Provosts, Gnats and Hunters. Operationally Pax flew the English Electric Lightning and both versions of the Panavia Tornado. Pax retired from the RAF with the rank of Squadron Leader in 1991

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